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The Carpet Castle - Lake Villa, IL

Consumer Tips

*A great way to clean that Fruit Juice stain out of your carpet is to
start at the edge of your stain and blot up any excess liquid toward
the center to prevent spreading.  Mix a solution of 1/4 teaspoon of
clear hand dish-washing liquid with 1 cup of water.  Stir this gently.  
Apply detergent solution directly to the stain with a white cloth.  
Avoid over saturating the carpet. And NEVER rub or scrub.  Finally,
place an absorbent white cloth over the area and weight it down to
blot up all the remaining detergent solution.
What We Do

From start to finish, we help you with all aspects of your flooring
purchase. We offer FREE In-Home Services, bringing samples
right to you, and professionally measuring your home.  And to top it
off..... How about a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on the installation of
your new floor?
The Carpet Castle   (847)265-7000
Try freezing any solid materials, such as gum, before
attempting to remove it from your carpet.
Surface scratches on a laminate can sometimes be
repaired using a simple repair kit.
Any other technical questions...?  Just call, and one of our
friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to help.
Friendly - Reliable - Knowledgeable

Purchasing a new floor doesn't have to be overwhelming.  When
you have a knowledgeable staff, backed with unbeatable prices,
you can't afford NOT to get that new floor you've been dreaming of.
Over 40 Years of Experience